Sunday, September 19, 2010

Plan for the Future... today!

Dear Parishioners,

In today’s gospel (Luke 16:1-13), Jesus tells the parable of the manager or steward who dissipated or wasted his master’s property. He was not guilty of theft or embezzlement, he simply did not take care of it. Perhaps he was careless or lazy or didn’t pay close attention to the details of over-seeing his master’s property. Fortunately, he learned of his master’s return in advance and used his initiative to ingratiate himself to some people who needed help. Certainly they would not forget him in the future. He was clever in setting himself up for his future in this world.

Jesus encourages us to set ourselves up for the world to come by sharing with the needy – giving them some of our time, talent, and treasure. The time to start is now because when we honestly look at our lives, we are that careless manager. We have not always used our Lord’s gifts of time, talent and treasure as he would have liked. Let us pray for the grace to become better stewards of the gifts God has bestowed upon us.

- Fr. Carl