Thursday, January 18, 2018

Depend on Change

Dear Parishioners,

I have been around long enough to know that things change—always. I thought a lot about retirement as it got closer, and frankly, it isn’t what I had envisioned. Things change. But I am reminded as well, that God does not change. He is fundamentally and essentially the same. His Law of Love continues to shroud us in warmth and care. Even when times are rough, his presence is reassuring, his consolation strong and supportive.

Scripture remains a source of wisdom and insight into life. It is still the greatest story ever told, a view of the divine none of us have access to on our own. God is always available to us, as close as prayer. I believe he is also in the kind words we say to each other, in those moments of quiet giving, in our sacrifices, in our gentleness, in our care to one another. God’s strength is not something that gets used up. Rather it is like the flame of a candle that is shared with other candles. It does not diminish or lose its luster when given away. God’s energy is endless. His desire for goodness in us and for us is always available. We cannot sap God’s energy. Even when we sin, he continues to hope for our turning again toward him. He judges our weaknesses and prunes us if necessary, but then is there with mercy and love. Our world is not perfect nor are we, but God continues to push us to be perfect, perfect in love, perfect in joy, perfect in our kindness and generosity. And as we call out to him in our need, God will hear us and offer us his consolation. Let us trust and depend upon this great God of the universe, this creator God, this loving God, this God who was incarnate and walked among us. In him, we can depend.

Deacon Steve