Friday, August 24, 2012

Whom Will You Serve?

Dear Parishioners,

Joshua addresses the tribes of Israel (Joshua 24:1-2a), “Choose this day whom you will serve.” This statement suggests that the choice is always a “this day decision.” Every day and perhaps every moment throughout the day brings with it choices. The fact is that none of us make excellent decisions all the time. We take wrong turns, say unkind things and act in inappropriate ways. If you made a bad decision yesterday, make a better one today.

Today, this day, right now set your heart to follow Jesus. Today, this day, choose to align your values with his values, your way with his way, your attitude with his attitude, you future with his future. When you do, when you choose Jesus today, you choose the person who will empower all the choices your make now and as long as you live.

- Deacon Robert