Friday, February 23, 2018

Winning Gold During Lent

Dear Parishioners,

I have been watching the Olympics on TV in the evenings. There is sometimes great drama and suspense as well as huge disappointment as these athletes compete in a variety of winter sports. Although I am still not sure why curling is in the Olympics!

While some Olympians win a medal, many do not, but their competitive spirit is inspiring. Their energy to push ahead even when the odds are against them is powerful to watch.

We likewise are in a challenging situation during Lent. We are seeking to become more holy by our observance of fasting, penance, self denial, and almsgiving over these 40 days. There are distractions and challenges with everyday life getting in the way sometimes. There is competition for our attention and energy coming from many directions. But ultimately, we are trying to better ourselves. We have to let go of some habits or behaviors and take up some new behaviors we hope will become habits. We are in a race of sorts not against others but against our old selves, our old lackadaisical selves. So let me be the coach urging you onward. Keep the faith! Keep your focus on God! Reach for the prize! Seek out our Lord whom we will meet at Calvary. Let us end this Lent with the gold of God’s love and be in a better relationship with Him. You can do it!

Deacon Steve