Friday, November 1, 2013

Shopping For Bargains

Dear Parishioners,

We are all looking for a good deal. We constantly shop for bargains. In older days, we would clip coupons to save money at the grocery store or scour the newspapers for the sales at department stores. Today, we look to the internet for the best deals.

In today’s Gospel (Luke 19:1-10), Zacchaeus finds the best deal of all. He finds Jesus. However, even the best deals cost something. The coupons saved money, but you still had to spend some money to take advantage of them. Items obtained on the internet still cost money. Even Zacchaeus’ finding of Jesus cost him. Half of his possessions he gave to the poor and reimbursed four times over those from whom he extorted. It cost Zacchaeus a lot, but did he mind it? The answer is “No!” He did it enthusiastically and generously. He knew that in finding Jesus, he had found a bargain. So thankful was Zacchaeus that he shared generously of his treasure and grew large in the eyes of God.

- Fr. Carl

“In this period of crisis, today, it is important not to turn in on ourselves, burying our own talent, our spiritual, intellectual, and material riches, everything that the Lord has given us, but, rather to open ourselves, to be supportive, to be attentive to others…. Set your stakes on great ideals, the ideals that enlarge the heart, the ideals of service that make your talents fruitful. Life is not given to us to be jealously guarded for ourselves, but is given to us so that we may give it in turn.” ~ Pope Francis