Friday, December 21, 2018

Immitating our Blessed Mother

Dear Parishioners,

Advent draws to a close, it is fitting that we shift our attention from John the Baptist to Mary (Mi 5:1-4a; Heb 10:5-10; Lk 1:39-45). Afterall, if Mary had not said “yes” to the Angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-38), there would be no Christmas. Mary has just learned that her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant also and in her sixth month. So she sets out in “haste” to visit and help her cousin. That journey was not easy. It took 4 days over the rugged hilly landscape. It goes to show how thoughtful and considerate Mary was to Elizabeth. But she is also that way to us if we call out to her for help.

Let us pray for God’s grace to reach out in compassion and haste to help those who need us as we strive to imitate our Blessed Mother and make her proud to call us her children.

Fr. Carl