Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you a second miler?

Dear Parishioners,

Those people who go that second mile have within them a drive, a tenacity, a devotion to not only doing what is right, but what they believe is required. Second mile employees show up earlier in the morning and often work late. Second mile students put in those extra hours of study, not to curry the favor of a professor, but because learning is so rewarding. Second mile neighbors show up first to pick up tree limbs blown into the street from the storm or are quick to bring a meal when tragedy comes to a family down the street. Second mile church members have a deep and refreshing desire to serve the Lord and others. Who doesn’t admire the second milers among us?

- Deacon Robert

One is often carried away over the
sins and shortcomings of others. It
would be far better to talk
less about
them and pray
- The Saint Cure D’Ars