Friday, February 28, 2014

Let Us Not Worry So Much

Dear Parishioners,

“We have so much; they have so little. Yet we worry so much; they worry so little.”

These were my thoughts after my recent visit to Haiti where I was several weekends ago. I went down to visit a parish to see about partnering with St. Guillaume in the town of Lachapelle in the diocese of Gonaives. This poorest of all the countries in the western hemisphere truly makes a person so appreciative of the many blessings we take for granted in the U. S. Decent public transportation is non-existent. People either walk for miles and miles, get a ride and sit on benches and the rails of pick-up trucks (15–20 passengers), or pile on a motorcycle. I saw a family of 5 on one motorcycle. Water has to be carried to homes, and other supplies are carried in large containers balanced on the heads from the marketplace to the home. Electricity and phone lines are scarce, unemployment is high, and some of the roads are barely drivable. Still the people have great joy, hope, and faith. We can learn a lot from this mostly Catholic country.

When we find life difficult, it would be good to remember today’s words from Isaiah (Isaiah 49:14-15). Even though a mother’s love is strong and persevering, God’s love is even more enduring. He will never forget us. Jesus echoes this sentiment in the gospel (Matthew 6:24-34) when he reminds us while God cares for the birds of the sky and the wild flowers in the field, He cares even more for us and will watch over us. So let us not worry so much.

- Fr. Carl

“Christians know that suffering cannot be eliminated, yet it can
have meaning and become an act of love and entrustment into
the hands of God who does not abandon us; in this way it can
serve as a moment of growth in faith and love.”
~ Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei, 56