Friday, May 30, 2014


Dear Parishioners,

As we approach the end of the Easter season (next Sunday—Pentecost), today we hear the end of Matthew’s gospel and our Lord’s last words before he ascends into heaven (Matthew 28:16-20). Since he will no longer be with his disciples, he commissions them to teach and baptize delegating his divine authority to do so. In short, he is telling them and us to evangelize. This is part of our Lord’s mission along with redemption, and is our mission in life as all our recent popes from Paul VI up to Francis have been telling us. Our Lord didn’t just live for himself; he lived and died for all of us. We, too, are called in a less dramatic way to do the same. May we respond to God’s grace and do what we can for others. Who knows what effects our Christian living will have in this world? But we will surely find out in the next world.

- Fr. Carl

“I would like to say, humbly, to those who suffer
and to those who struggle and are tempted to turn their
backs on life: turn towards Mary! Within the smile of the
Virgin lies mysteriously hidden the strength to fight against
sickness, in support of life. With her, equally, is found the
grace to accept without fear or bitterness to leave this
world at the hour chosen by God .”
~ Pope Benedict XVI