Friday, February 4, 2011

Lift up the values of our Lord

Dear Parishioners,

The lack of leadership in our common, social life may be the most pressing need we face as members of the human community. It seems that everywhere we turn, we find those in positions of leadership mistaking their responsibility for authority.

Jesus calls us to a higher standard, but his summons is not that we charge into the public arena, waving the “Christian” banner as if we were self-appointed messiahs. To the contrary, he calls us to be a presence in society that lifts up the values he taught.

Here is a call to action, a summons to be persons of integrity, humility and grace. What He is teaching is not easy, but it is the hope that we will take up the challenge. For those who deeply believe that our Lord’s way of love is the way of life, there is no other option. More than ever before, we of faith must stand with Jesus in being the people of grace and truth that he calls us to be.

- Deacon Robert

In Heaven, God will place us as an architect
places the stones in a building – each in the
place fitted for it.
- The Saint Cure D’Ars