Friday, December 27, 2019

Being Christian Stewards

Dear Parishioners,

Last Saturday on a rainy dreary day, the doorbell rang and I met a young man who had some packages to drop off for the Giving Tree. He brought in two large boxes and one smaller one filled with brand new gifts for the less fortunate. When I commented on his generosity, he replied, “God has been good to me this year, and I needed to give back.”

At that moment, I realized I had come face to face with a real Christian “steward.” He recognized the good success he enjoyed was a gift from God. He was grateful, and to show his gratitude, he gave back to God by sharing with the less fortunate.

As I have mentioned several times this year, we are all stewards of God’s gifts of time, talent, and treasure. If we are truly grateful, like the young man, we will show it in prayer, service, and charity to the church and less fortunate.

The greatest gift we have been given, of course, is Jesus Christ who came into the world to sacrifice his life for our salvation. Let us be ever grateful and show it in generous service to God and neighbor.

Fr. Carl