Friday, September 2, 2016

What's God’s Plan?

Dear Parishioners,

“Plan your work and then work your plan.” That was an old saying we had in the Navy to accomplish our tasks whether they were easy or difficult. That’s good advice in human affairs but also in spiritual affairs as well. The key in both areas is to find the plans of our boss so that our plans lead to his/her goals. The reading from Wisdom (Wisdom 9:13-18b) tells us that God’s plans are superior to ours and need the Lord’s guidance to have a positive outcome.

In the gospel (Luke 14:25-33), Jesus reveals God’s plan for us—to become his disciples no matter what. In some cases, “the no matter what” will result in alienation from our closest family members. We need to always remember that. If not, we might not be able to withstand their hatred for us when we choose God’s ways over theirs.

Basically, our plan is to enter into a committed loving relationship with Jesus and loving our brothers and sisters. And each day, we should remember that plan and ask ourselves each morning “How am I going to work that plan today?”

- Fr. Carl

“Where are the Christians today who would be ready, I do not
say to give their lives for God, but even to put up with the least
unpleasantness or inconvenience rather than disobey Him?”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars