Friday, April 17, 2020

Divine Mercy

Dear Parishioners,

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday. I have on the wall in my small study, a picture of Jesus with the blue and red waves of light emanating from his sacred heart. Written below is “Jesus I Trust in You.” When I consider His great mercy, his Divine Mercy, I am left speechless. How can we understand this divine mercy? How can we understand something that is divine in nature. How is it that Jesus can forgive so much of what we do? We all engage in things that go against God or turn our backs on God in our selfishness and self centered actions.

It goes so far as the understanding that it was our sins that he carried on the cross in his pain and suffering. We contributed to the crucifixion being as terrible as it was. And yet, he can still forgive us and show us mercy. I think it is probably true that there are things which we do not forgive in those people we know and love. We probably all have something, maybe small, that we haven’t forgiven in others. Yet Christ forgives. It isn’t that he doesn’t know our guilt. Christ understands the affront we have made to him by our sins. He knows the depth and breadth of it. He knows what we deserve. And yet, there it is, if we admit our faults and confess our sins, he responds with His forgiveness and His abundant and divine mercy. I cannot fathom how this happens or why it happens. I do not understand the mind of God. I can do okay with human beings. I can track where they are going most of the time, but God, nope. I do not know how it is that He loves us as He does and why He is so willing to give to us His many gifts. I will be the first to say that there are many things I do not clearly understand about God. This is one of them. But, I have learned that regardless of my ability to understand God and all that He is and stands for, I am to accept Him. I say “yes” to God as much as I can. If God says that this is how it will be, I am a fool to put up resistance! I have been shown by God in my life that His will is so far above mine! So thank you Lord for your forgiveness and your mercy. I will continue to seek Your will for me and admit my mistakes. Help me to be your servant!

Blessings, everyone, 
Happy Easter, 
Deacon Steve