Friday, February 17, 2017

God Is Everlasting

Dear Parishioners,

Do you remember those couple of days recently when the weather went from 70 one day to 35 and snow flurries the next? Now in Indiana, I was used to weather that could change quickly, but this has to be a record! I don’t trust the weather much. In fact, I have little faith in the weather. A nice day becomes blustery and cold, a rainy day opens into a sunny, beautiful afternoon. But with God, I trust and have my faith. God is consistent and dependable. I cannot see God nor touch him, but I know that he is there. My faith gives me trust and belief in his goodness and in his love. I can retreat to his caring consolation without fear, without doubt, without pause. When I pray, I know that my prayer is heard. I know that God is present in the Mass, in the sacraments, in scripture, and in that long history of people we call saints. I know that he walks with me and my family. He is ever present to us. It is easy to forget this and to view God like all the other things in our lives that falter and change. But that is not true and is dangerous, in fact. It is in God where our full faith should reside. Not in our powers, they fade as we get old. Not in our money, how stable is the economy? Not in our possessions, my things will wear out, break, and go bad. But God, in his word and in his deeds, is everlasting. Let us have faith and trust in God. Let us ask him for the grace to grow in our faith. This is the one thing that overcomes all that the world offers, God’s eternal presence. So springtime in February will come and go. Faith in the eternal God will not disappoint.

Deacon Steve

“We may well be astonished that God was obliged to make
a commandment to forbid us to take his Name in vain.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars