Friday, September 20, 2019

More Happiness In Giving Than Receiving

Dear Parishioners,

In St. Luke’s gospel today about the dishonest steward (Lk 16:1-13), a basic principle emerges on the topic of riches—one cannot serve both God and money.

Wealth is not necessarily bad when used wisely. Christian stewards—that’s all of us—recognize that all gifts of treasure are ultimately God’s. Therefore, out of gratitude, we should give back generously a portion of these blessings to God (through the church) and to those in need. Today’s culture honors and respects money and wealth instead of generosity and charity. Although a significant donation from billionaires does make the news, it’s not very inspirational as he/she has plenty more in the bank. What is inspirational is sacrificial giving, because it reflects on Jesus’ sacrificial gift of his body on the cross. Besides, there is more joy and happiness as St. Paul quotes Jesus, “There is more happiness in giving than receiving.” (Acts 20:35)

Fr. Carl