Friday, May 25, 2012

What are you waiting for?

Dear Parishioners,

The Spirit’s coming (Acts 2:1-11) blew the Apostles minds to new insights, their horizons to include a wider geographic scope, and their souls open to a bolder witness to the living Christ than they had ever imagined. All the barriers of language tumbled before them, as the curse of Babel was lifted in a miracle of understanding. The barriers of racial prejudice, gender bias, age discrimination and national pride fell before the rushing wind of the Holy Spirit.

So here is the question for us this Pentecost Sunday. Will we allow the rushing mighty wind of God to blow freely through us, to blow away any hindrance to God’s reign on earth? Will we celebrate and yield to the rushing wind of God rearranging our lives, our plans and our orderly ideas?

There is still too much injustice waiting to be made right. There is too much emptiness waiting to be filled. Isn’t this the moment, isn’t this the power we have been waiting for?

- Deacon Robert

“The Holy Spirit wants to take us to
Heaven; we have only to say ‘Yes,’
and to let him take us there.”
- The Cure D’Ars