Friday, January 2, 2015

A Star Is Born

Dear Parishioners,

“A Star Is Born” was a movie with Judy Garland and James Mason that came out in 1954. It was the story of a young girl getting into show business who was befriended and mentored by an aging star who was declining. He was tired, worn out, and had a drinking problem. At the end, the young girl became very popular and became a star as the aging actor faded away. Today, we have a celebration of the birth of another star 2,000 years ago (Matthew 2:1-12). The star that led the Magi to Bethlehem is no longer to be seen. However, the new star, Jesus Christ, looms as bright as ever, and he will never fade out of the picture. He may become dimmer in our hearts as the year and its happenings draw our attention to themselves. However, every year that star returns shining brilliantly as our hearts and souls are led by the story of the Wise Men and the star to Bethlehem. May the star of Jesus continue to burn in our hearts during the coming year. He will bring joy to our lives even in the midst of whatever dark problems come our way. God bless and Happy New Year!

- Father Carl

“What happiness do we not feel in the
Presence of God, when we are alone at His
feet before the Sacred Tabernacle!…
Redouble your fervour; you are alone to adore
your God; His eyes rest upon you alone.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars