Friday, May 29, 2015

Charity and Sacrifice

Dear Parishioners,

This past weekend, as we remembered our service men and women who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedoms, we gave thanks for their noble service. Of course the greatest sacrifice, by far, was that of our Lord on Mount Calvary which is why we don’t thank him just one Memorial Day a year, but every weekend when we celebrate the Eucharist (thanksgiving). Because of Jesus and Good Friday, we are able to have an intimate and personal relationship with God as well as a corporate or community connection to Him. Part of our thanksgiving is expressed through prayer; but charity is also important through service to the church, our neighbors, and the wider community.

Finally, in Tuesday’s reading from the Book of Sirach (Sir 35:1-12), we heard, “In generous spirit pay homage to the Lord. With each contribution show a cheerful countenance and pay your tithes in a spirit of joy. Give to the Most High as he has given to you, generously, according to your means. For the Lord is one who always repays, and he will give back to you sevenfold.”

- Father Carl

“With a humble person, whether he is laughed at or esteemed,
praised or blamed, honored or despised, whether people pay
attention to him or pass him by, it is all the same to him.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars