Friday, October 25, 2013

Sainthood by Surprise

In our Gospel story today (Luke 18:9-14), the Pharisee believes that he is saintly in the eyes of God while the tax collector can only express his sorrow and ask for forgiveness. But only God gets to decide who pleases Him. It is all a matter of heart according to Jesus. Do morals matter… of course! Does obedience to God’s commandments matter… you bet! But for God, every sinner has a future, a new course of action on the other side of repentance. The first step, the best step, is to begin that new journey with a humble heart. That is the path to sainthood. And as always, it will catch the true saint totally by surprise… and what a joyous surprise it will be. Keep your heart and attention focused on God alone, and “let the saints go marching in!”

- Deacon Robert

“We too should be clear in our
Christian life that entering the glory
of God demands daily fidelity to his
will, even when it demands sacrifice
and sometimes requires us to change
our plans.” ~ Pope Francis