Friday, January 30, 2015

The Broken Among Us

Dear Parishioners,

What if in our midst right now, there are more broken lives around us than we might imagine? And what if your life and my life and our lives collectively have more than a few unhealed broken places? Like a hairline crack in poured concrete brought on by the settlement of time and the continuous shifting of the ground, our lives develop stress fractures, small creeping lines that tell us life shifts and brokenness shows up unexpected. Only in moments when we are silent, when we recognize Jesus in our midst are we able to face the brokenness within us.

When we do, when we find the courage to let our Lord be among us in deep and revealing ways, we see what may have been there a long time. We see the brokenness within us and then recognize the brokenness among us. It is then that we cry out asking God to heal us and make us new. When such awareness awakens within us, we might be able once again to hear good news and receive God’s healing gift through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

- Deacon Robert

“We ought to pray like little children   of four years old, who have no guile.   They tell their Mother everything…”
  ~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars