Friday, December 15, 2017

Increasing Light of Advent

Dear Parishioners,

We got our Advent wreath out of the attic and set it up. Our granddaughter was excited about it, probably because it was lit and aflame. I think it is a wonderful metaphor for our progression through Advent. This is a time of preparation and hope. We look forward with bright intentions to the birth of Christ when all sorts of miracles will occur at his hand and because of him. At first we have just one small flame. It can dimly light a small room. We can hardly make out what is in the shadows. It can be a beautiful experience with one candle. Things close are illuminated while things father away are hidden in the background. What is close begins to be seen. We can attend to our lives before us. What God has given us becomes clear. With two candles lit, we see a little better. Our eyes adjust and the light is sufficient to see another's face or to see our own hands. Those people in our lives become clear. We can see in the two candle light, those we love. We are brought together by the light to see our family. At three candles, the room is brighter. The light is fuller. I can now see the guest at the table with us, the friend, relative or neighbor. Perhaps the stranger that someone else invited can be seen. We can see the contours of their face, we begin to know them. A community is forming under the brightening light. With four candles, the light is bright and opens up the room. The space becomes bigger. The small voice we heard at one candle is now audible, and we can hear voices in harmony. The room is full, we notice. At four candles, our hope is big and our anticipation is high. We are taken outside of the dinner space into the night where the light from our candles brightens even the sky, and there we see a star coming to us bringing joy and a love not felt before. Our four candles open our lives and renew our spirits. It is not our little world that we attend to now but the larger world outside ourselves, our families, our community. It is the touch of God on our world and what that touch brings and how it is wrapped up in a little baby who would be our king and savior. May your Advent bring you increasing joy as God’s light increases within you.

Deacon Steve

“O My child, use your voice always for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars