Friday, February 7, 2020

Kobe, Rest In Peace.

Dear Parishioners,

I was saddened by the recent death of Kobe Bryant. He was a magnificent basketball player. He was a champion in the finest sense of the word. A leader and a charismatic star. I feel a certain degree of commonality with him as both of us grew up in Philly, although he was my son’s age—so a different generation. I played a lot of basketball growing up. There was a playground at Penn and Pratt in the neighborhood. I remember being proud of my Chuck Taylor All Stars basketball shoes, which were my staple foot wear for years. A basketball and a pump to keep air in it were necessities back then. The Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Detroit Pistons, the Chicago Bulls were all teams that my beloved 76ers lost to more often than not. But Kobe transcended basketball. He was generous, a family man, and a Catholic. It is especially tragic that his daughter and several of her friends were on the fatal flight with him. Kobe was not one who got lost in the fame and fortune. He maintained his values and knew what really mattered. I don’t think that it is surprising to say, but we don’t know what to do with death. Certainly, he was a young man with a great future in front of him. But it was cut short by that thing which we will all face sooner or later. Let us do the most with the time we have. Let us fill our days with meaningful pursuits. Let us thank God for the generous life he has given us. This life is all gift, so let us appreciate it. And know that the author of life doesn’t guarantee any length of time. Whatever station or vocation one lives out, do so thankfully. Spend time in prayer, spend time in church, spend time loving those around you. And thank God for the gift of life! Kobe, rest in peace.

Deacon Steve