Friday, February 3, 2017

Shining Lights For Our Country

Dear Parishioners,

If you watched the Inauguration several weeks ago, you might have caught a glimpse of Statuary Hall in the Capital Building. Then you find statues of prominent people who have made an important contribution to each of the fifty United States. Each state chooses two. Among the 100 statues, there are 13 Catholics. Maryland has one in Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. He died in 1832 as the last surviving signer. Five of the other Catholics were priests or nuns: St. Junipero Serra, a Franciscan missionary, represented California; St. Damien de Veuster represents Hawaii; Servant of God Eusebius Kino, a Jesuit, represents Arizona; Rev. Jacques Marquette, another Jesuit, represents Wisconsin; and Mother Mary Margaret Pariseau, a Mother Superior of the Sisters of Charity of Providence, represents the state of Washington. If you want a very short list of their accomplishments, log on to Catholics in Statuary Hall. They were shining lights for our country. While we will never do as much, Jesus still calls us to bring the light of our faith to the world. Isaiah gives us some little ways we can do that—“share your bread with the hungry, shelter the oppressed and the homeless, clothe the naked when you see them and do not turn your back on your own.” (Isaiah 58:7-10)

Fr. Carl

“With God’s help we shall always have power over our emotions.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars