Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend is a two-fold celebration—the Ascension of Jesus into heaven and Mother’s Day. The Ascension is a reminder of our destiny. Where Jesus went 2000 years ago is our future home. Let us strive to follow Jesus on our journey there.

We also salute our mothers for all they have done to raise us, teach us, and give us a good home. Their sacrifices were many and came in all shapes and sizes, many of which we never knew about or simply took for granted. Today more than ever, we need to recognize their importance in society and the home especially when radical feminism holds up career women as the ideal and laments the homemaker as a wasted, unfulfilled life of drudgery. We need to reaffirm that what a woman does at home for her family is far more important than a career or job. She supplies the love, support, encouragement, and tenderness that each family needs and no amount of money can buy. In short, the mother is the heart of the family. God bless our mothers.

And let us not forget our spiritual Mother Mary, as we turn to her in prayer for continued guidance and assistance.

Father Carl