Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Parishioners,

What defines us as followers of Jesus, a people who are Christ-like, Christ-centered, Christian? Memorized words? Regimented rituals? Remembered stories? Those things surely inform our Christian experience, but God help us all if they define it.

To be a Christian is to champion a radical picture of God, made living and lifechanging
through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. To be a Christian is to define our lives by a grace none of us deserve and can never earn. To be a Christian is to live joyfully in this new humanity God is creating… a humanity we call the Church.

- Deacon Robert

“When you hear Mass, do you come in
the same frame of mind as the Blessed
Virgin at Calvary? Because it is the
same God, and the same Sacrifice.”
- The Cure D’Ars