Friday, August 9, 2019

How are you and Jesus coming along?

Dear Parishioners,

How are you and Jesus coming along?

There is a lot to our Catholic faith: the sacraments, Sacred Scripture, prayer, the liturgy of the Mass, and much more. Primary among all of these actions and understandings is the life of Jesus. His life appearance in the history of humanity is a challenge, an invitation, and a model to imitate. Christ carries so much meaning for us, it is hard to get your head around. But hopefully, every day our relationship with Christ grows stronger and deeper.

I believe that Jesus is the solution to our problems, concerns, and questions as well as the foundation of our lives. St. Jane Frances is offering a way to better improve your relationship with Christ in a fun, comfortable and informative manner. The Alpha program is a video-based presentation of the basic tenets of Christianity focused on the life of Christ. Through the lively witness of people telling their stories about what Christ did in their lives, the program seeks to invite you to experience the power and love of Christ. This happens over the course of a meal followed by non-threatening sharing at a table with others. The purpose is to take you where you are and show you the breadth and depth of Christ’s invitation to join him. Our faith has the power to transform our lives. Our faith has the energy to bring life to our spirituality. Our faith equips us to be more saintly examples of love and goodness.

Alpha can be the trigger that gets things spiritually moving again. Do you think to yourself that you are not fed? Well here is a scrumptious meal of faith filled experience that can ignite your passion and deepen your understanding. Are you just floating along in your faith? Here is an opportunity to turn that around. Here is the chance to renew your active membership in the Body of Christ. Please join us for the fall Alpha program starting September 8 at 4:00 in the Parish Hall.

Deacon Steve

For more information about Alpha or to register, go to