Friday, September 20, 2013

Dishonest Wealth

Dear Parishioners,

Our gospel today shows us a shocking restoration (Luke 16:1-13). The dishonest, squandering manager who garnered no sympathy, suddenly discovers anew the boss’ blessing. Here we see a glimpse of the resurrection, life from death, hope from despair, grace from judgment. We are not sure if the man got his job back, but I believe he got his life back.

The story ends with our Lord’s charge to “make friends by means of dishonest wealth.” This ending, though difficult, is perfect! The only wealth God lavishes on any of us is the currency of dishonest wealth. None of us can earn it, none of us deserve it, and no printing press in the world can issue it. Grace is the ultimate “dishonest wealth” because it has no basis in anything we consider important or lasting. The way God does business, grace is the only wealth that matters, and surely the only wealth that endures. This is indeed a tough story to hear, but aren’t you glad you heard it?

- Deacon Robert

“Christ opened the path to us. He is like a
roped guide climbing a mountain who, on
reaching the summit, pulls us up to him and
leads us to God. If we entrust our life to him,
if we let ourselves be guided by him, we are
certain to be in safe hands, in the hands of
our Savior, of our advocate.”
- Pope Francis