Friday, May 3, 2013

Peace in the Church

Dear Parishioners,

Last Sunday afternoon I attended the Italian Buffet put on by our Youth Group. It was fantastic! I had some of the best Italian food ever thanks to our chefs, Dave Horvath and John Sullivan. Our Youth Group, led by Claire Horvath, served and waited on tables in a most professional manner. Many others told me as well, how good the food and service were. I can’t wait for the next buffet.

Very often people have an idea that, in the early days of the Church, all was bliss and peace. We see in today’s first reading, that was not the case (Acts 15:1-2, 22-29). There was a controversy in Antioch that was sent to the apostles in Jerusalem to be settled. The case was decided and Antioch was informed by letter of the decision. The same is true today. When a controversy cannot be settled on the local level, it is sent to Rome for settlement. Thank goodness we have such a system in place so that justice may prevail, and peace restored to the community.

Finally, as we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day next week, let us not forget Our Blessed Mother – this is her month. Wouldn’t it be nice to give her the gift of a daily rosary? I suspect she will give us something in return.

- Fr. Carl