Friday, July 27, 2012

Got Bread?

Dear Parishioners,

In statues or pictures of the saints, there is usually a symbol representing their life or death. St. Peter is usually shown with keys, because Jesus entrusted him with the keys of the kingdom; St. Paul is usually holding a sword, because his martyrdom was accomplished by beheading; and St. Philip is shown holding a loaf of bread. Why a loaf of bread you ask? The reason is found in today’s gospel (John 6:1-15) where Jesus asks Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for all these people to eat?” Of course, Jesus knew what he was going to do, but poor Philip was clueless as to how the crowd, with 5,000 men alone, would be fed. Why Jesus asked Philip about bread for the people nobody knows, but ever since, Philip has been depicted carrying a loaf of bread. Of course Jesus’ question to Philip is meant for the Church and by extension to each of us. People hunger not just for bread but for Jesus, the bread of life. Therefore, it is the job of the Church, and us as well, to lead them to Jesus first by example, and then by word. Jesus alone will satisfy their deepest hunger with plenty to spare.

- Fr. Carl

“The martyrs would not have
been martyrs if they had not
refused to disobey the
commandments of God.”
-The Cure D’Ars