Friday, May 1, 2015

Sour Grapes

Dear Parishioners,

In the past year, I have taken to eating fruit at least three times a day. I feel healthier and have even lost a little weight. One of my favorites is grapes. Every day at lunch, I will eat a dozen or two. But I always pull the clusters from out of the bag to see if any have fallen off, and eat them first. I do that because they are more likely to spoil than those attached to the stalk or little branch. Those grapes still clinging to the vine are healthy and juicy. In today’s gospel (John 15:1-8), Jesus says, “I am the true vine.” He means that as long as we are connected to Him, we will be healthy and fully alive. Other attractions in life may seem tempting and desirable, but they don’t deliver what Jesus promises—life to the full.

May you find peace, joy, and happiness in your connection to the Lord.

- Father Carl

“I often think that when we come to adore our Lord in the
Blessed Sacrament, we should obtain everything we
want, if we would ask for it with a very lively faith
and a very pure heart.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars