Friday, November 30, 2018

Happy Advent!

Dear Parishioners,

As we begin our journey through Advent, let us be mindful of the importance of the season. While the Old Testament demonstrates the revelation of God to his people, Advent represents the coming of Christ to us, his people. The birth of Christ is a significant event in our religious heritage. This great news was announced in Isaiah, spoken about by the prophets and prepared for us by the history of the Old Testament. In this beautiful event, God touches us with his presence in the form of a baby, brought about through the intercession of our virgin Mother Mary, with angels singing and shepherds in awe. Here we find our spiritual roots. Here we see our Christian beginnings. On that day of glorious birth, our joys and hopes are made real. This is the day when the heavens open up and the son of God is brought to us. In the utter poverty of a stable, the King of the Nations is born.

So let us prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. Let us clear out the cobwebs of our weaknesses. Let us sweep clean our so-so lives with renewed practice and sacrifice. Let us wash our dusty homes of doubt and question. Let us pick up our prayer books and clasp our hands in much needed prayer. Christ is coming. Christ is the full revelation of God. Nothing needs to be added or should anything be subtracted. God has given us in Christ all we need to reach heaven. Let this season of Advent bring our faith to a heightened level of strength through love.

Happy Advent everyone,
Deacon Steve