Friday, October 9, 2015


Dear Parishioners,

Ours is not an entitled existence but rather a gift that understands birth itself as a gift. Entitled? Not in the least. We are temporary, soon forgotten in the long reach of time and history, centuries and millennia. But there’s more to consider, isn’t there?

In the end, we have to face the troubling fact that only God can give us what God alone gives. This gift, call it grace, salvation, eternal life is ours not by right but by God’s generosity.

Some still believe and live as if we are entitled. “Come follow me” may be the most powerful words ever uttered on this earth. God offers us a gift. Receive the gift that God gives, follow the teachings of Jesus.

- Deacon Robert

“We are permitted to love our relations, our possessions,
our health, our reputation; but this love must be subordinate
to the love we should have for God, so that we may be
ready to make the sacrifice of it if He should require it.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars