Friday, December 26, 2014

A Holy Family

Dear Parishioners,

Mary and Joseph began from the first day to provide for and guide the spiritual direction for Jesus while in their home. Before he could walk or talk, they brought him to the temple (Luke 2:22-40). They brought him there, because they knew to thank God for him and to ask God for help raising him to adulthood. They knew that Jesus was a special child, but I believe they would have done the same for any child, even if that child had not been specially conceived by the Holy Spirit. They are excellent role models for us to this very day. They knew, and we can know, the responsibility and great joys to raise children in the faith. Teaching our children about God in their lives will not only enable them to survive in the world, we will enable them to thrive in the world. How are you doing with your own holy family?

- Deacon Robert

“When we pray with attention and humility of
mind and heart, we quit the earth and rise to Heaven.
We reach the outstretched arms of God. We talk with
the angels and the saints.”
~ Thoughts of the Cure D’Ars