Friday, April 26, 2019

Love, Love, Love!

Dear Parishioners,

The theme for this Sunday is Divine Mercy. We reflect this day on God’s merciful nature. We know that the God of the universe is an all powerful being. Yet God holds this power in check and shows us at times His mercy. When He could crush us, He rather holds us gently in His hand. How easy it is for us to abuse our power, to push it to the limit and beyond. Yet God with His great power seeks to love us in our failings.

I have a story. First I want to thank all who have sent my wife and I cards and notes after the death of my wife’s sister. Thank you all. But let me point to God’s mercy in this. Laura was wracked with cancer and in her last days was on a morphine drip. She was in and out of consciousness and was at first agitated at this, her last, hospital stay. With all but one of her 8 siblings and others around her, she awoke and spoke to her stepdaughter of what Grandma Lena, long deceased, said about improving baking a cake. This was the first taste of something extraordinary going on. At a later time, she voiced how beautiful heaven was with “Wow!” Finally, after waiting for her brother to arrive, she spoke calmly of seeing the face of God and Him saying to her, “Love, love, love!” She passed away shortly afterward.

I submit to you that this is the mercy of God in action. God came to this dying woman and consoled her with visions of His heaven and spoke directly to her. He also gave a strong and beautiful message to her grieving family, that she would be ok and so would they.

This is the mercy of God.
Deacon Steve