Friday, August 3, 2012

Exercise… Good for the Body and Spirit!

Dear Parishioners,

These days, many of us are watching the Olympics, as they are so popular. However, back in 1908, Rome renounced the Olympic Games which were then held in London! At that time in history, less than 1% of the people engaged in any sporting activity. The people at that time didn’t understand the importance of exercise. One person who did was the Pope. Pope Pius X, in a speech to the youth on October 8, 1905, said, “I admire and bless with all my heart all the games and pastimes, gymnastics, cycling, mountain climbing, jogging, competitions and academics to which you dedicate yourselves. The exercise of the body affects wonderfully the exercise of the spirit. Because these activities require more work, you take away sloth, which is the father of vices, and finally because of the same friendly matches will be in you an image of emulation in the exercise of virtue.” Later on, speaking to one of the cardinals about exercise, he said, “All right, if it is impossible to understand that this can be done, then I, myself, will exercise in front of everyone so that they may see that if the Pope can do it, anyone can do it.” Perhaps it would be good for us to get back into the routine of exercise not only of the body, but he mind and spirit as well.

- Fr. Carl

“It is a strange thing; I have met plenty of people
who repented at
not having loved God.
Never have I met one who repented of
having loved Him.”
- The Cure D’Ars