Thursday, January 25, 2018

How Is Your Prayer Life?

Dear Parishioners,

How is your prayer life? I know it is a simple question, but it can be hard to answer. Are you spending enough time in prayer? I know, I know that there is a lot going on in your life. Time is in short supply. But one of the pillars of our faith is prayer. Christ got away often and prayed, so much so that his disciples would go looking for him. He left the crowds following him so he could pray.

Prayer is our primary communication channel with God. He hears our prayer. Now we may not get a quick response, but God is always on the other end of the line. It has also been said that God knows what we are praying about even before we pray. Prayer centers us and yet also takes us outside ourselves into the reality of God to whom we speak in our prayer.

Prayer opens us up to God who easily reads our heart. Our attitude in prayer is akin to contemplation, a quiet consideration, a flowing dialogue with God, an openness to something larger than ourselves. We grow through prayer into a greater relationship with God. Our spiritual vocabulary increases as we pray. The depth of our relationship with Christ increases as we ask, express, honor, complain, and give thanksgiving to God. Of course, the Holy Spirit is involved with all of this, because it is the Spirit who helps us to speak and to listen to God. The Spirit softens the ground of our being, so we are ready to be in relationship with God.

On Sunday evening, February 11 at 6:30 in the church, we will hold another prayer service under the title of Bridge to Christ. This is an opportunity to pray for someone in your family, a colleague, or friend who has drifted from God. We are the bridge that can connect others to Christ. That bridge is prayer and the example of our lives. Please consider attending.

Deacon Steve