Friday, April 12, 2013

Follow Me

Dear Parishioners,

After each of the three times Jesus asked Peter to profess his love, Jesus said, “Feed my lambs… Tend my sheep… Feed my sheep.” Jesus said so much more than the words, “I forgive you.” Jesus gave Peter a ministry. He trusted him again with responsibility, leadership, and care of the Church. And then he said again, the very first words Peter ever heard him say to him, “Follow me.”

If Jesus can forgive Peter for his failures and restore him to great usefulness, both to his fellow man and to God, why can’t he do the same for us? Our risen Lord knows about your past, but you still have a future with him. He rose from the grave to tell us that he still loves us and still has a place of service for each and every one of us. And maybe, like Peter and all his disciples from so very long ago, you will recognize him, hear his voice, and accept his forgiveness. All it takes is your “yes” to accept your ministry and follow him.

- Deacon Robert