Friday, September 14, 2018

Let Us Pray

Dear Parishioners,

We are a church of prayer. Prayer weaves through the other important areas of our faith such as liturgy, ministry, sacraments, and stewardship. We have unveiled a wooden box for prayer requests at the back of church. Father will check it weekly and personally pray over each request.

For me, we are a church of ministry and action, going out to the world to do what God has asked us and which Christ has amply demonstrated. But first and foremost, any action must be grounded in prayer. We pray. Right now in the history of our church, it is a time of prayer. It is time to focus on what our mission is—to live out the commandments of Christ and to believe in him in faith and love. We are to turn away from sin and seek the good and the holy. We are to love one another being examples of Christ’s love to all we meet.

Our church has been scandalized by forces of sin and evil, selfishness and betrayal. Is this the first time? These negative forces have always been present in one form or another. Our church has survived not because of its people, however wonderful and faith-filled they have been. No, it is the Holy Spirit who has brought us beyond our human weaknesses. We are the bride of Christ, the Church, and at times the bride has been unfaithful. So, let us pray. Let us look at our faith. Let us be strong and caring members of this wounded church. May the Holy Spirit be strong in our midst, guide us and perfect in us our role as members of the Catholic Church.

Deacon Steve