Friday, August 29, 2014

Doing the Right Thing

Dear Parishioners,

“How low can you go?” This simple lyric from a 60’s song by Chubby Checker, The Limbo Rock, captures Jesus’ thought about St. Peter in this week’s gospel (Matthew 16:21-27). Last week, St. Peter was riding high after calling Jesus the Messiah; and so Jesus praises him and gives him a new name, Peter (“Rock”) (Matthew 16:13-20). This week Jesus calls him Satan because Peter is discouraging Jesus from the suffering and death awaiting him in Jerusalem. Peter doesn’t want the cross for Jesus. There are crosses for all who wish to follow Jesus. When we encourage others to take the easy way and avoid the cross, we act like Peter in today’s gospel. If we truly love others, we will encourage them to do the right thing instead of the easy thing.

- Father Carl

“It is not enough just to wish well;
we must also do well.”
~ St. Ambrose