Friday, August 31, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

We had a Bridge to Christ prayer service last Sunday evening. A number of people attended, each with prayer requests for people they love and are concerned about. It is a reverent service where we name individuals and pause to pray.

Prayer is a major work of our faith. In prayer, we connect with Christ directly through the Holy Spirit. Prayer allows us to open our heart to God and allows us to enter into God's heart. He hears us and although he doesn't often respond immediately; in prayer we are in His presence. This is good for us. It is refreshing and healing simply to pray as it is opens us up to the greater good of God and gets us out of ourselves. Prayer teaches us that we can’t do this life by ourselves. We are in relationship with others and with God. This is most evident in prayer. It is also the easiest action we can take. It only requires focused attention, silence and time. It can be short and to the point or a slow unwinding of deep care and thanksgiving. I believe and hope that God appreciates our efforts in prayer. Please consider attending our next Bridge to Christ prayer service in October. It will be advertised in the bulletin. In the meantime, exercise your spirit, and talk with God. He and you will appreciate the conversation.

Deacon Steve