Friday, April 3, 2020

Praying For Our Heroes

Dear Parishioners,

My first story is that I have a good friend in Indiana whose daughter is an ICU nurse in Washington State. She has been a traveling nurse, staying at a location for a number of months, then going somewhere else. She is smart and dedicated. She is good at her profession. She is in the thick of it. Her father has told me that he has been worried to the point of tears that she will contract the virus. Her name is Natalie, and I ask that you keep her and her many colleagues throughout the nation in your prayers. 

A second story I want to share is that of my brother, Tony. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He works at a Home Depot. He has the option to take 2 weeks of paid leave. He is not sure that he wants to return to work later this week. He can wear gloves, but he cannot wear a mask. He is uncertain whom he will come in contact with at the store. It is his livelihood but also a tough decision to make. I ask that you pray for my brother but also for all those who need work to pay their bills but are put in some jeopardy because of it. There are many heroes who are working to provide us with food, water, supplies, medication, and electricity. Many who are working to get us our shipments. Pray for them. 

Finally, I have an aunt, Aunt Artie, who recently died, not from the virus; she was in her late 80s. She was my mom’s favorite cousin. She died in a facility. She was buried in Pennsylvania without a service. There will be a memorial later. Please pray for all those who are sick and dying. Pray for their families who grieve without the opportunity to say goodbye appropriately. I share these stories because there is a great deal of sadness and suffering going on. I do not want us to get lost in that suffering, but for us to know that we must pray. Holy Week is upon us. Let us offer up our lives, our gifts, our love, to all who are in need, knowing that Christ hears our prayers and knows our suffering. My faith tells me that God is present in all the lives I have mentioned. Let us thank Him for His gift of mercy.

Deacon Steve