Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Young Church of Today

This weekend our gospel passage encourages us to set aside all material and psychological supports and trust in the providence of our God. In this way we open ourselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and are better able to show our love of God in service to others.

In light of this scripture passage, it is very fitting that this Wednesday is the kick-off of Summer Mission, the annual middle and high school service experience at St. Jane’s. Approximately 51 middle school students, guided by 16 high school peer ministers and multiple adult advisors, will visit and work at a soup kitchen, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and help out here at the parish. It is always inspiring to see the energy of our young people engaged in helping others. As Pope John Paul said, “our young people are not just the future, but the Young Church of today.” On behalf of the entire parish, I thank our Director of Youth and Religious Education Ministries, Melissa Boyle, for organizing this program.

As we approach mid-summer, please note that the Parish Hall will be closed to most activities for the month of July, due to the long awaited refurbishment of the restrooms. Please check the bulletin or call the parish office for alternate meeting places for events that must be shifted from the Parish Hall during the renovation.

- Fr. John