Friday, February 24, 2012


Dear Parishioners,

The journey of Lent has begun. With the smudging of our foreheads with ashes this past Wednesday, we have set our feet to follow the One who goes before us to a cross. Lent. The very sound of the word echoes off the walls of sacrifice and plumbs the depths of suffering. Lent. A time to witness again our Lord’s faithful journey from Galilee to Jerusalem, a journey marked both by fawning crowds and a sneering mob. Lent. The word weighed down with sorrow yet brimming with promise.

This holy season is an opportune time to listen carefully for God’s leading, inviting us all to speak a word of hope to a friend who has lost faith, to a co-worker who has lost life’s joy, to a family member who may be struggling with faith itself. So, as we begin Lent’s journey of faith, let’s embrace God’s many gifts of faith, hope and love given to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

- Deacon Robert