Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Dear Parishioners,

Every year around this time, the darkness of winter turns into the brightness of spring. Dead branches, bushes, and flowers all spring to life. However, this doesn’t last, because spring turns to summer, then fall, and then back to the darkness of winter. What does last, and what should give us eternal hope, is the joy of the Resurrection we celebrate Easter Sunday and re-celebrate each Sunday of the year. It is a constant reminder that good triumphs over evil; right conquers might; and that we can share in our Lord’s victory through eternity if we are faithful to Him here during our time on earth. May you and your families all have a joyous Easter.

- Fr. Carl

“If I make God to reign in my heart,
He will make me to reign with
Him in His glory.”
- The Cure D’Ars