Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Dear Parishioners,

HAPPY EASTER! Now that the somber season of Lent is complete, our time of penance gives way to the joy of the resurrection. Death gives way to new life and darkness is replaced by light.

Last night in the darkened church, I raised the Paschal Candle with its solitary flame, and sang, “The light of Christ.” From that one candle others were lit so that when I reached the altar, the church was bathed with light. Similarly, when Jesus came into the world, evil was rampant and God seemed to be absent. However, our Lord’s death and resurrection was the flame that has spread light and life back into the world. Unfortunately, sin still remains and evil still tries to extinguish the light of Christ. The temptations of materialism, individualism, hedonism, and relativism are very much a part of our culture, trying to block out the light of Christ. Let us look to Jesus and his bride, the Church, to lead us to truth and eternal happiness.

May you and your families have a Blessed and Happy Easter.

- Fr. Carl