Friday, May 24, 2013

The Most Holy Trinity

Dear Parishioners,

God reveals himself to us in a Trinity, as a gracious Father, giving Son, and guiding Holy Spirit. Jesus is a perfect revelation of God, the presence of God in human form. Jesus became for us the interpreter of who God is, just as the Holy Spirit now interprets for us ways we are to follow Jesus in our day.

The Spirit not only reveals the full nature of Jesus to us, but the Spirit becomes our Advocate saying to others that we belong to God. Today, the Spirit vouches for us, claims us as belonging to Christ, and helps us define who we are as followers of Christ.

- Deacon Robert

“Faith is a gift, it is the Father who
gifts it. We must continue on this path. But
if we travel this path, it is always with our
own baggage – because we are all sinners
and we all always have things that are wrong.
But the Lord will forgive us if we ask for
forgiveness, and so we should always press
onwards, without being discouraged.”
- Pope Francis