Friday, August 30, 2013

Who Knows What Is Good Or Evil?

Dear Parishioners,

The great Anglican writer C.S. Lewis once wrote, “There are two kinds of people in the world – the proud who think they are humble and the humble who know they are proud. In other words, we all suffer from the sin of pride. After all, wasn’t that the problem of Satan who said “non servan” – I will not serve. And while Adam and Eve were not so bold as to refuse to serve, they wanted to be like God and so know what was good and bad so as to be like gods. Only God knows what is good or evil, and only by entering into a relationship with Him, can we know what is good or evil. Our modern culture wants to decide for itself what is good or evil without reference to the guidance of God. As a result, the world seems to be spinning more and more out of control. So, too, do our lives when we try to make decisions and act without God’s guidance and wisdom. It is good to be proactive in life, but it is wise to humble ourselves before Christ and the Church for guidance in our plan of life.

- Fr. Carl

“With Christ, the heart never grows old!”
- Pope Francis