Friday, October 11, 2013


Dear Parishioners,

Last week while I was out of the office, I received a call from one of the secretaries. It seems the Archbishop called. He left a message to give him a call. He said it was “all good” about what he wanted to discuss. I was glad he said it was “all good” because whenever you get a message from the “big boss” you start to worry. I didn’t get to talk to the Archbishop as he left a very nice, long message on my cell phone thanking me and the parish for reaching our goal and exceeding it for the Capital Campaign, Embracing Our Mission. By the way, we have received a rebate of $33,580.00 which has allowed us to pay for the repair of our church gutters – Bring on the rain! Of course, more work needs to be done in the parish hall and kitchen, and it will be as the rebates come in during the next several years.

This week the scripture readings deal with gratitude to God (2 Kings 5:14-17; 2 Timothy 2:8-13Luke 17:11-19). Naamon, the foreign general, in gratitude for being cured from leprosy, will return to Syria, but only worship and offer sacrifice to the God of Israel. In the gospel, however, only one of the ten lepers, a detested Samaritan, returns to offer thanks to Jesus. The others couldn’t be bothered! We all have so much for which to be grateful. The best way is the Mass each weekend where we celebrate the Eucharist. Did you know the Greek word “eucharist” means “thanksgiving”? Today, we Catholics need to develop a greater attitude of gratitude for God’s gifts. Stewardship, the generous sharing of our time (prayer), talent (community and church service), and treasure (almsgiving and church support) is the way we do this. It’s the way we are called to live our faith. We all want to hear Jesus say to us as he did the Samaritan at the end of today’s gospel—“Stand up and go your way, your faith has been your salvation.”

- Fr. Carl