Friday, September 19, 2014


Dear Parishioners,

God’s ways are not our ways. Much as we think that God ought to see things the way we do, He doesn’t. Thank God he doesn’t. We believe in forgiveness, especially when we need it, but to forgive others, we can only go so far. There’s a limit to our forgiveness of others. God’s forgiveness, this side of the grave, is without limit. God is so generous and so, too, should we be.

This week Jesus tells us some people will not have to work as long as ourselves to enter God’s kingdom (Matthew 20:1-16a). That may seem unfair, but that’s God’s way and God is generous. After all, it is God’s kingdom and none of us earn it on our own merits. It is a pure gift from God to those who accept his invitation to work in the vineyard of life. Thank God for the opportunity.

- Fr. Carl

“You cannot please both God and the world
at the same time. They are utterly opposed to each
other in their thoughts, their desires, and their actions.”
~ St. John Vianney