Friday, June 1, 2018

Building Up the City of God

Dear Parishioners,

My wife and I returned to Indiana recently for some routine medical checkups and to visit old friends. The trip back is a long one but well worth it. It is a busy several days. Rochelle goes back to her high school where she worked as a Guidance director and participates as a volunteer on senior projects, a necessary project and presentation for seniors. I met up with some of my fellow deacons who were with me during our 5 years of formation. We call it a “fishing tournament,” but it is really an opportunity to be together and share stories and catch some fish at Deacon Tim’s grand mom’s pond. We saw the priest who was our pastor for over 16 years and met up with other friends. The power of this time for us is that here we renew old relationships. Here we are known and we know. These folks are not members of our current church, St. Jane, but they are members of our Church family. We share beliefs and faith, traditions and love for Christ. It is a long way to travel to fulfill the second commandment of Jesus, to love one another. But that is the benefit and the motivation to be here. To be known and to know are qualities at the heart of “love one another.” That is the stuff that sustains relationships. That is the stuff that lets you sit down with someone you haven’t seen in a while and pick up where you left off. That is the fabric of church. Let us work to be known and to know each other. And in the process, let us sustain and heal each other, hear our stories and share our joys, pains and faith. That’s how we build up the city of God.

Deacon Steve